BRANCO — The Finest Italian Producer of Sustainable Pet Accessories.

Angelo Todesco
3 min readApr 20, 2021
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If you are reading this article you may don’t know what BRANCO is.

Let’s start from the very beginning…

BRANCO’s idea come to life in early 2020, before that a well-know pandemic (COVID-19) lock the entire world down.
We realized that, apart from a few luxury brands, there weren’t high quality and designed products for pets which at the same time were sustainable.
Starting from this current situation we have launched a project entirely centered on pets, in our case, the dog defined as man’s best friend.

BRANCO’s target can be summarized in 3 words:


QUALITY: This is what we have in our veins, Italian veins.
As a company which works with some top luxury brand, quality has to be a guarantee.
That’s the reason why BRANCO uses high quality and performed material for his products: Each component of a BRANCO product has its own complexities; BRANCO works with metallurgy experts to select the best materials and technologies to engineer each single part.
Our snap hooks, as well as as all components subject to wear (such as D-rings) are produced by with 316L watch grade stainless steel, with superior wear and corrosion resistance.

GENUINE: We use only genuine leather tanned in Arzignano — Vicenza — Italy with a proprietary process that allows our products to be safely washed with water, all without the use of PFAs or other harmful chemicals.
Do you know that also pets can be allergic to Nickel? Our buckles as well as all the studs and trims in contact with skin and fur are plated with nickel free coatings.

SUSTAINABLE: All process to BRANCO regenerates 97% of its water every day through its unique closed water cycle.
And the chemicals? Visible zero discharge. Nor harmful chemicals nor solvents are emitted after the Bluecoating or organic painting.


Preserving craftsmanship means protecting human health. There is a fashion way to update the concept of handmade!
BRANCO products are realized by separating people for all dangerous processes and by testing every batch of the raw materials involved.


Transforming energy is the most sustainable way for nurturing the creation process.
The thermic energy that is generated during the application of BRANCO colored organic paintings is recycled and a great photovoltaic plant supports the whole manufacturing process.


Here an abstract from BRANCO manifesto:

“BRANCO is the voice of the herd, a multitude that becomes unity to protect each of its members, in a community where everyone assumes dignity precisely because belongs to it….
…BRANCO chooses true nature to speak about nature, starting from
dogs, humans’ loyal friends. Through their strolls, the backstage can become the stage, pulling all the solo-dreamers together, in the place to be.”

BRANCO’s final mission is to create a community of people who care their pets as well as the planet Earth: a community that knows how important is to take care of animals and together make the world a better place for both humans and animals.

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